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About us

adVice Group Media gets actively involved in the development of the Romania business community by offering services in four domains that have a strategic importance in the development and improvement of any company. AdVice supports your business through advertising services, consultancyin the development and implementation of non reimbursable financed projects, incubation services and IT services.

We are young, ambitious and we like to work next to our partners in order to build up a successful future.

We like to build up stable relationships with our customers, offering an example of good practice in the domain and having a friendly and flexible attitude towards them. Each of the perspectives in which we get involved represents an important component of our business system, which we develop and optimize continuously in order to provide integrated services hat sustain the progress of your business.

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Together with you we add new values
to the Romanian business environment

Our culture



We create new ideas for the development of your business and differentiation from the competition.


We develop long lasting relationships with our business partners finalized through excellence.


We professionally explore the newest opportunities of business and sustain you in problem solving through the latest solutions

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"Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise."
- Laurence J. Peter



Build up and communicate your brand through ambitious and innovative advertising solutions. Each company is unique so WE build up integrated advertising campaigns customized according to the personality and the needs of your business.   

Starting with Visual Identity and branding, we offer you graphic design in order to communicate directly to your customers, we develop company visibility increase campaigns through web design and online ads and we realize print and advertising production for the boldest projects. Creativity and innovation don’t scare us, but help us reach the highest performances!

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“The best way to predict the future
is to create it”


For 5 years we counselee our partners to benefit from the non reimbursable funds offered by the European Union. We dispose of strong experience, based on successful partnerships, in the domain of writing non reimbursable funds projects and we can offer consultancy in the elaboration and implementation in any of the POSDRU, POSCCE, PODCA, POR, PNDR, FEADR axes.

How we can help you?

  • Writing, developing and project consultancy
  • Management studies
  • Project management
  • Organizational management projects
  • Consultancy studies
  • Economic-financial provisions
  • Finance request
  • Technical assistance in acquisitions
  • Feasibility studies →

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“If you can build a business up big enough, it's respectable.”
- Will Rogers


The startup of a business implies dedication and channeling all the efforts towards its development, without having time to take care of problems such as business location costs reduction, office setup, employee recruitment, finding collaborators in financial domain, or accounting or business promotion. AdVice Group will handle all these problems for you. Combining the expertise and know how of our business management, through IT and marketing knowledge, we will help you manage your resources at the highest level.

We take care for you of:

  • Office facilities
  • Hardware and software support
  • Recruitment and head hunting
  • Back office solutions
  • Communication and marketing
  • Management consultancy

Incubation plusses: access to the best functioning facilities, low startup costs, innovative solutions, developing bold concepts/ideas, technical assistance, market analysis, technological support, customized infrastructure according to the specific of the business.

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“Do not fear computers. Fear lack of them.”
-Isaac Asimov


Advice Group Media offers IT services to the customers which do not have an IT department or have one very solicited and wish to externalize the technical duties. We wish to support our customers in increasing the productivity of the business activity by ensuring IT flexible and efficient services. Therefore, through our technical team, we help you by providing software development services, hardware technical support, business intelligence services, tracking and management solutions and internet connection.

Internet connection

Setway is a 4G internet backup connection which will ensure the continuity of the business without problems when your internet connection faces difficulties in optimum functioning.

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Business Intelligence

Advice offers a wide range of advanced analysis and visualization solutions for different industries. With the help of a new technology there can be analyzed visually and in real time high amounts of data, there can be made predictive analysis (what if simulations) and can be taken the best decisions for the business activity. →


Because we know how important is for your business to always benefit from the optimum functioning of the hardware and software components, we provide maintenance services of the computer network and technical support both based on monthly subscription but also through on demand interventions.

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Software development

AdVice is qualified to offer on demand developed software services, based on a prior analysis of the business needs, starting with the software design, testing and implementation, to the betterment or upgrade of these. Benefiting from the newest web technology and experience in the domain of website and web application development, we offer the best online application solutions specializes on the tasks of your business. →

Tracking & management

ExertusPro is a time tracking and project management software with a friendly and facile interface for the user. It is projected to help small and medium companies and organizations in:
→ Tracking the working hours of the employees
→ Realization of an efficient project management – client organization, projects and tasks assignment
→ Realization of clear and concise activity reports →


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1st Blanduziei str., Bucharest 020963, Romania
Tel: +40 21 310 77 10
Fax: +40 31 824 15 90

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